ATTENTION! Are you experiencing:

  • Not enough energy to do what needs to be done

  • Your tiredness goes deeper than mere fatigue

  • Impatient with simple chores

  • Headaches and allergy symptoms

  • Your health is suffering even though you are not sick

  • The pounds are creeping on

  • Body aches all over, inability to concentrate, feeling overwhelmed

How about experiencing this instead

  • All the energy you need to do what you need to do

  • You look and feel great

  • Life is great because you feel happy and perky

  • Wow!  Your body does not hurt anymore.

  • Looking forward to taking on new challengers because your mind is clear

  • Your digestion is terrific, you look forward to working out

  • Everyone is commenting on how great you look

Would you believe me if I told you I could solve your problem in 21 days?




The reason for this is TOXINS



We see the need to clean up the globe, let us also see the need to clean up our bodies.

Detoxification is so important to your health and well-being that each and every cell of your body has it’s own detoxification system.

When the detoxification system of the cells becomes overloaded our bodies malfunction and we start to become diseased.

“The detoxification system is like the janitorial service of the body.  It keeps it clean so accumulated chemicals do not destroy the machinery.  For when the machinery is damaged, we have serious disease.” “Tired or Toxic?” by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

What are Toxins?
Synthetic Chemicals, Insecticides, Fungicides, Pesticides, Heavy metals, Electro-magnetic Frequencies, Emotional instability, Refined and Processed Foods, all these are taking a huge toll on our bodies.

What happens when we are toxic?

We feel it in our bodies by the following symptoms!

Frequently ill – Tired and Fatigued – Aches and Pains – Irritable and Impatient – Poor Concentration/Poor Memory – Weak and Light Headed – Constipation/Diarrhea – Unfit or Overweight – Sleepy with Insomnia and more.

Benefits from Detoxification

Good Immune System – Great Energy – Your Body Feel like Exercising – Stable Moods and Happy – Great Concentration and Memory – Strong and Stable – Healthy Bowel Movements – Becoming Fit and Active – Great Sleeping Patterns.

I know the way to turn this around in a gentle easy way. For the past 30 years I have been working with individual clients and teaching groups of practitioners, always wanting to reach more people. I want everyone to have as much energy as they need to have a great life as well as the under-standing that they can make a difference with their own health.

I want you to have this experience also.

I want you to really feel well and energetic so that you can accomplish everything that you want to accomplish in your life.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and the biggest propaganda that we hear is, prepackaged and processed convenient foods are not hurting us.  Our bodies were designed thousands of years ago, when refined and processed did not exist.  We need to choose the foods that were also available thousands of years ago and not what we find in a box on the shelf.  You will find those foods on the outside of the market not in the inside aisles.

TRUE PREVENTION is participating in detoxification programs once or twice a year.

Optimum health and energy requires that each cell of the body does not become overloaded with toxins, is well nourished, and is kept vibrantly clean inside.


What is holistic detoxing?
Holism is the theory of health that includes the consideration of all factors when treating illness.  Holistic detoxing includes the consideration of all factors that may be causing toxins in the body.  We are polluting our world at an unprecedented rate, we must also conclude that we are polluting our bodies as well.  We are thinking that the symptoms that we are experiencing are symptoms of serious malfunction, (which they eventually can become) but they are, in the beginning of the process, symptoms of toxic overload.

Physical toxins, Emotional toxins and Mental toxins/toxic Beliefs.

As well as the physical toxins that you know exist; there are also the emotional toxins of FEAR BASED THINKING that exist as well.  Your belief system can be creating a lot of problems for you, especially if your belief is that “you are a victim to your environment.  When you are in “fear” you are activating your nervous system and adrenal glands.  When this happens often enough you can get stuck in the “fight/flight” mode continuously. This means we get stuck in a sympathetic nervous system pattern that can become a health problem down the road.

Toxins enter the body in 3 ways:

  • They are in the air and we breath them.
  • They are in the food and water and we eat or drink them.
  • They are also absorbed through the skin.

Toxins are produced by the body:

  • There is the toxic waste by-products from the foods we eat.
  • There is the over production of hormones because of     emotional activity that are not processed completely.
  • There is the cellular debris from the death of dead cells.

Good detoxification practices with remove all of this from the body.

Holistic Detoxing will do the following:

  • Detox your diet with changes
  • Detox your tissues with nutritional supplements
  • Detox your cells with homeopathic Xenobiotics
  • Detox your energy field with tapping exercises and homeopathic remedies
  • Detox your emotions with flower essences
  • Detox your sabotaging beliefs with flower essences

During the detox process it is important to include all factors so that the terrain of the toxins can be changed completely.

There are several programs to choose from so that you have a choice in the process.

Holistic Detoxing Programs.

  • Full Hand Holding 21-Day Holistic Detoxification Program  click here
  • Do it Yourself 21-Day Holistic Detoxification Program click here
  • Mini Holistic Detoxification Programs click here
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